Happy Birthday Matt

The stretch from the end of August to the end of September covers 3/6 of the birthdays in this house.  It’s a busy time!

Today we are celebrating the 39th birthday of my very favorite person in all the world.  In a million ways he makes my life better.

HBD Matt

Eleven years ago. Look how cute he is!

He is an amazing father.  He is hands-on and involved in everything our children do.  He is an amazing teacher and coach.  He expects a lot of them and challenges them to do their best always, and he sets that example in his own life.  And he loves them so, so much.


daddy and the boys

He is smart and thoughtful.  He’s hard-working and competitive, open-minded and considerate.  He encourages me and makes me a better person.


He rocks a suit.

studs in turkey

That’s my hot husband there on the left.

He is a superior husband and he makes me happy and proud to be his wife.  There is not one person on Earth I’d rather spend my days with.

bosphorus selfieHappy Birthday Matt!  I love you!

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