And a Half

andthentherewasoneThe baby is 4 AND A HALF today.  I reminded him this morning and he said, “GOOD!  When’s my cake?”

Normally I wouldn’t do a half-birthday post, but he didn’t get a birthday post back in April, so here’s a short review of why he rocks.  And he does rock.  So much.

Since he’s the only one not in full-time school yet, we have a lot of together-alone time.  I could not think of a better companion–he’s funny, helpful, curious, eager, and goofy.  He does errands without complaint–two to three grocery trips a week, to be honest.  He requests that we go to the gym so he can play in the playroom (so I basically have him to thank for any semblance I have of physical fitness).  He has never met a person or an animal he didn’t immediately like–he is by far the friendliest and most open person I’ve ever known.

Q first day of preKI love spending time with this guy.  We walk the puppy, play a lot of Candy Land, cook dinner together almost every day, read books, practice writing letters, watch movies, and fold laundry.

And through every bit of it, he is cheerful.  He doesn’t know how to be mad or mean.  It’s not even in his nature at all.

Q and OliverWhen he goes off to school, I know my heart will break–I stopped working just after he was born and have been home full-time his whole life.  He’s been my constant companion and my best buddy.  I’m working really hard to treasure this last year we have together. Every day with Q is a day well-spent.

Q as PharrellHe’s four and a half.  The baby.  It’s hard to believe.

Man, I love this kid.  Maybe I’ll make him a cake tonight after all.

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