Halloween Costumes: Themes & Sibling Groups

My kids woke up this morning practically vibrating from excitement.  And Halloween isn’t even until tomorrow.

But my parents are coming to visit this weekend and they fly in tonight and they’ll be here for Halloween and trick-or-treating ZOMG and so my kids are already crazy.  God help their teachers tomorrow.

We’ve done themed/sibling group costumes quite a few times, though not every year.  The theme ones are always my favorites!  I try not to buy whole costumes simply because I think it’s more fun to make them, but we do buy accessories we need (wigs, beards, weapons, spray paint, etc).  It forces us to be a little creative about how we interpret the costumes, I think.  And I love the craftiness of it.

Here’s a few #TBT Halloween shots from the past:

LOTR HAlloween

Halloween 2013, Lord of the Rings (Gimli, Gandalf, Legolas, Arwen)

halloween parade

2011, Wizard of Oz

retro halloween

2010, Classic Halloween Monsters


2008, Superheroes (crazy that there were only 3 kids then!)

This year’s costumes were the easiest EVER.  Everyone wanted to be something we already had or could borrow and so I spent exactly zero dollars and time on costumes this year.  Which, AWESOME.  We have no theme, but the kids are all happy with their costumes, excited to dress up, and thrilled that Nana and Pappy will be here for it!

Happy Halloween!

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4 thoughts on “Halloween Costumes: Themes & Sibling Groups

  1. Jane

    I LOVE themes, but am not creative enough to come up with anything; plus I only have 2 kids so not as cute as 4! Yours were great though

    1. Jessica Post author

      I will gladly think of your themes! (Batman and Robin! IronMan and Captain America! Thor and Loki!) Next year they should be Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble–perfect! Let them watch the cartoon starting in about August so they’ll be on board! 🙂

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