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Lovely “Read With Me” fine art print from Sarah Jane Studios

We read A LOT in this house.  And we have A LOT of books.  Our collection grows frequently; there is no “One In, One Out” rule on books in this house.  I love getting new books and I love giving books as gifts.  I’ve always said there is just no such thing as too many books.

This week, though, the kids’ school is having a book drive.  And really, we have so many kids books, they spill off the shelves and onto the floor…in three different rooms.  Since the books are going to a place where they’ll be used and appreciated, I knew this was the right time to get rid of some books that we just don’t read that often.  I was able to cull about 30 volumes from the kids’ book shelf, and I’m hoping to do another pass and pick out a few more.

(We still have 200+ kids books.  But now we have 30 fewer, so that’s good.)

Obviously we kept our very favorites.  Make Way For DucklingsTikki Tikki TemboAmelia BedeliaFred and TedStrega Nona.  Dr. Seuss.  Blueberries for SalAlexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad DayCorduroyFerdinand.

I think it was a good exercise for me to look at the many stacks of books and prioritize them a bit–which stories do I not mind reading over and over?  Which books are the most beautifully illustrated–the books that the kids flip through just to see the art, and the words become secondary?

While I still think there is no such thing as TOO MANY books, I also believe in quality over quantity.  I like to think I’m working toward curating a little childrens’ library I’ll keep forever– that I’ll read these books to my grandkids someday.

What are your very favorite books for little ones?  I’d love some suggestions!

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3 thoughts on “Required Reading

  1. Mis

    The Very Busy Spider. A Big guy Took My Ball. Give a Dog A Donut.
    I am thinking about starting a chapter book with Mitchell. . . maybe the Very Bad Day book would be a good one to start with. If not, I may pick Charlotte’s Web.

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