Family Photos 2014

family_2014Do you do family photos every year?  We did an official family photo shoot last September, and I loved it so, so much.

After we did our photos last year, Matt’s parents mentioned that they’d love to get pictures done with the kids too.  Somehow it took us over a year, but we finally did it.

gmom_and_pop_with kids

Grandmom and Pop Pop with the kids

We did the photo shoot at a local farm (I wish this was OUR farm, but it’s not.  A girl can dream, though!).  We went for a different vibe than last year with more subtle, muted colors.  And I love them!  The kids change so much, so fast.  I want to make it a yearly tradition.

BB_fall 2014

B, age 10

G_fall 2014

G, age 8

O_fall 2014

O, age 6

Q_fall 2014

Q, age 4

We got a few good ones of Matt and I too.

M&J_sitting in a tree

Like last year, Matt’s incredibly talented cousin took the pictures.  It’s so fun to work with her, not only because she’s a great photographer, but because she loves my kids and I think that helps her really capture their personalities.

The next time we’re up in Boston to visit my family, we’re having photos done with the extended family there too.  I’m really excited!  And I love that we’ll be able to decorate our walls with prints of the people we love most—including grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins in these photos just makes me happy.

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6 thoughts on “Family Photos 2014

    1. Jessica Post author

      This is a whole post unto itself, but the short answer is: I brought snacks and drinks and handed them out regularly, I threatened them when necessary, and I bribed them with small pieces of candy periodically. For real. Sorry, not sorry! 🙂

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