Happy Veterans’ Day

Veterans Day_Matt and JessMatt and I are both veterans; in fact, we met in the Army when we were stationed at the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, California.

We’ve been talking with the kids about Veterans Day the past week, and realized in counting that between our two families, going back just as far as my grandparents’ generation, we have 19 U.S. veterans and 1 Canadian veteran–two of whom are women (me and my great aunt).  We have former Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marines in our families–the only branch we’re missing is the Coast Guard.  I was sort of surprised when I realized just how many family members we have who served.  And I’m also pretty proud of it–I love that there is a tradition of military service in both our families, and we’ve made sure to talk to the kids about it so they’re aware of that tradition too.

It’s strange to me that my kids have school today, though.  I’ve never lived in a district where this wasn’t a holiday, and it’s even more confusing to me that it would be a school day in a district so near to Washington DC.  I feel like the concentration of veterans and active duty military is higher here than almost anywhere else in country!  Matt doesn’t have work, but the kids do have to go to school.  I sort of wish it were different–it seems like a good day to go downtown, walk around some of the memorials, and really think about what today means.  Since that’s not to be, we’ll try to recognize this day in other ways.  Matt and I will be going to B’s school for a Veterans Day assembly and going to a Veterans Day lunch at G &O’s school.  Yesterday we went to Q’s preschool class and talked to the kids about Veterans Day–we brought in Matt’s old helmet and let them try it on, and taught them how to stand at attention and salute.  It was fun and they had lots of good questions.

Matt and I were both lucky enough to have completed our service without any real hardships–but there are many other veterans who sacrificed so much more.  In case you’re looking for something to do to honor this day, here are the links to a few organizations that make a real difference in the lives of service members and veterans who need it:

Wounded Warrior Project

Homes For Our Troops

Ground Operations

I hope that whatever you’re doing today, you take a moment to remember those who served.

Veterans Day


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