Piano Lessons

G_piano This fall, B and G started taking piano lessons from our neighbor.  It was important to me that they not just play sports, and I’m so glad we’ve started their musical education.  Listening to them practice is actually really relaxing–almost like meditation.  I love it.

B_pianoB can already read music a little because she took a year of viola lessons through her school last year, but this is G’s first exposure.  He’s doing well, and his teacher is so patient, calm, and encouraging.  When he finished his first lesson, he ran to me and hugged me and said he LOVES piano so much he wishes he could do it every day.  That’s exactly what I had hoped for.

They’ve only been at it about 6 weeks, but they’re improving dramatically.  In December, there will be a little holiday concert at their teacher’s house and I can’t wait to see them in their first performance.

I’ve actually decided that when all the kids are in full time school, I’d really like to take piano lessons myself.  I’ve always wanted to learn to play, so I feel like that’s the perfect time!

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