Breaking Tradition

Christmas Morning 2014

It didn’t stop Christmas from coming—it came.  Somehow or other, it came just the same.

—How The Grinch Stole Christmas

Every year on Christmas Eve we get together with our good friends and their four children, and we make and decorate sugar cookies.  We have a big pasta dinner, then we deliver cookies to the firehouse down the road from us, to thank the firefighters there for all they do.

But this year, we didn’t do that.

Because on the 23rd, we found out that Matt has shingles.

Every year on Christmas Day, after we open gifts here at home and have a big breakfast, we get dressed and head to Matt’s parents’ house and celebrate with his whole family—his cousins and all their kids are there.  We have dinner, the kids play, and more gifts are given and opened.

But this year, we didn’t do that.

There are so many little ones at the Christmas Day party who haven’t had their chicken pox vaccine, including Matt’s cousin’s newest daughter, who is only 2 months old, that we couldn’t go and risk getting any of those little munchkins sick.

And poor Matt.  Shingles isn’t any fun.

It’s a strange decision to abandon your annual traditions.  It feels like disappointment before the missed occasion even arrives.

But we made the best of it.  Without the traditions we loved, it was a different Christmas.  But it was still Christmas.

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One thought on “Breaking Tradition

  1. Sheri

    So sorry to hear about Matt, but thankful you had a good family, cozy Christmas anyways. Sometimes it’s the “off” years we remember the most. Simple and special… Tony had shingles a few years ago and it was rough. Hope your guys has a fast recovery and thinking of you all as you get ready for your big move!!


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