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Our family is so fortunate—blessed with abundance and more than we need in almost every regard.  We want for nothing, really.

But, still, even with everything we have, it’s hard not to get carried away in the “more” mentality that Christmas brings.  I work hard to make sure the kids focus on GIVING, but they are kids—and they know that come Christmas morning, they will also be receiving.  And usually they’re receiving A LOT of stuff.

Matt and I try to keep the presents under control.  Sometimes we go overboard, but for the past few years we’ve followed a few little rules that really help us keep the gifts to a reasonable amount.

something you want

In addition to all this, Santa always brings each child ONE (generally amazing) thing.

The great thing about this set of guidelines is that it’s flexible.  The “something you want” might be the main gift for one kid, while “something to wear” might be the main gift for another. This little poem helps me focus on getting the kids things that matter and that I know they’ll love instead of slipping into a quantity-over-quality mindset.

There are so many different ways to approach gift giving, but this has really worked well for our family and it’s a tradition I know we’ll always keep.

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