Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy

Matt was away last week on a business trip and so each night once the kids were in bed, I sat on the couch with the cat on one side and the pup on the other and watched whatever movies I wanted, with no outside opinions to consider.

While I did miss Matt, it was pretty nice to have complete control over the remote.

There are a few movies that I really, really love that Matt really, really does not.  I basically wait until he’s not around to watch them, for two reasons: first, I don’t want to subject him to watching movies he hates (although he’s made me sit through Hunt for Red October more times than is decent); but second, and more importantly—I don’t want to have anyone interrupt me or ruin my movie with condescension.

And so, the first night he was gone, I went straight to one of my all time favorites: Pride and Prejudice.  I am very partial to the 2005 version, although I know many people swear by the Colin Firth-as-Mr. Darcy-version.

lizzieanddarcyThis is one of the rare occasions in my life when I don’t automatically hate the movie because it’s not as good as the book.  (Although the book is, obviously, still better.)  I hadn’t read it in years, but I read it again this past summer as I lounged by the Aegean in Turkey (le sigh…).  There is, in my opinion, no greater opening line in any book, ever.

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife.

I mean, how can you not love a book with such a start?  You have to know it’s going to be good.  Lizzie Bennet is my hero.  And Mr. Darcy isn’t bad either.

Although I watched a few other movies, I probably should just have watched this one over and over each night.

What are your favorite movies–the ones you can watch over and over?

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4 thoughts on “Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy

  1. Mish

    I am not a chick flick/romance movie kind of girl. I prefer Cowboy movies (El Dorado), Stoner and dumb comedies (will Ferrell, Adam Sandler, & Seth Rogan), and Action/Spy/Thrillers/Horror (28 Days Later, Bourne Identity, & Battle Los Angeles).

    I don’t like romance books either, the closest I get is in my light reading category such as the Stephanie Plum/Janet Evanovich books.

  2. Luanne

    You always surprise me. Pride and prejudice (2005) is one of my top 5 movies ever. I seriously watch it every weekend I’m in VA and I have the soundtrack in my car. I have it dvr’d at home as well. I LOVE it.

  3. Sheri

    I’m a Pride and Prejudice fan too. When my hubby is traveling I almost always break out a “girly movie” and eat plenty of chocolate after kids are tucked in bed. (no ones looking, right?!)


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