Leggings Are Not Pants

Matt got me two pair of fleece-lined leggings for Christmas this year.  These ones, to be precise.

After wearing them, to be honest, I no longer understand the need for any other type of pants.  They are the most comfortable things EVAH.  And they’re cable knit.  So, so adorbs.

BUT, as we all know…


Here’s the thing…I am totally happy to wear these fleece-lined cable knit beauties around the house.  But I can’t go out in them.  My legs are neither long nor particularly lean and I’ve always had more than my fair share of junk in my trunk.  Plus, even if you ARE tall and skinny, it’s hard to pull off leggings without a longer top.  I mean, I suppose I could wear Spanx, but that really takes away the whole comfort factor.

So if I want to wear these out, I need to come up with some cute outfits that are also appropriate for leaving the house (i.e. my butt is covered).  And really, I want to wear these leggings always because they’re so comfy, so I really need to find a way to wear them out.

I pinned a few options I think are cute, and I’m looking through my closet and trying to get a little more creative with what I have.  I’m now on the lookout for a fun tribal-print swing cardigan.

I’d love this one, but it’s slightly out of my price range.


Until I find the right one, I’ll guess I’ll just settle for lounging around the house in the world’s best pants.

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10 thoughts on “Leggings Are Not Pants

  1. Mish

    I’m in the same boat. I got leggings last year and I LOVE them but I only have 1 top (so far) that I feel comfortable wearing them with. As you may know, my legs are shorter than yours. 😉

    I’ll have to keep this post in mind on my next self shopping trip.

    1. Jessica @ Little Nesting Doll

      I think part of the problem is that when you’re already short, long tops tend to make you look shorter, so I don’t have many of those. But with leggings, that’s what I need. I’m on the lookout, I’ll tell you if I find any winners!

  2. Colleen

    You know the camis with adjustable straps? (I stock up at TJMaxx for about $8 each.) If you make the straps as large as possible, they should be long enough to cover your bum. Add a layer or two on top. I do this all the time and the camis are long enough (even on me)!

  3. Liz Ellis

    I bought a bunch of tunics just so I could wear my fleece lined leggings out! haha! However, since I primarily shop online, I failed to realize that my torso is longer than most people’s and not all the tunics I bought fall as low as the models … boo!

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