Winter Beauty

26-photo 3 (6)It’s taken for granted, the stark beauty of winter.  Overlooked, I think, in search of the flamboyance and easy good looks of spring.

But it’s there.

I have to remind myself sometimes, but when I look for it, I always see it.

10-photo 5 (5)

In the stark contrast of bare branches silhouetted against the steel grey sky.

In the slow lull of lazy fat snowflakes as they drift to the ground.

In the silence of a snowfall, and in the barely-there crinkling of the flakes as they hit the ground.

In the puffs of breath in the cold air.

In the thick, opaque, moody clouds.

In the clear prism of ice on dark water, and the white frost lacing every window.

Spring offers up her beauty on a silver platter, splashing everything with green.  She’s sweet, but there’s no depth to her.

Winter, though, her beauty is less obvious and harder to pin down and far less appreciated.  But when you look, and you find it, it’s all that much sweeter.

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2 thoughts on “Winter Beauty

  1. Sheri

    I love this, friend! I am a big fan of winter and miss it these days in the south. There is something so refreshing about the crispness of winter wind and the fresh snow falling. Enjoy!


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