A New York Sprinkle

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I was in the city last weekend for a little “sprinkle” for my friend, who is expecting Baby Girl #2.  A weekend away was a much-needed break after the endless snow day insanity we had going on here the last few weeks.  I always love being around my kids, but there is such a thing as TOO MUCH togetherness.

I drove up on Friday morning — an easy and relatively stress-free 4-hour drive.  It is a very different experience driving up alone in Matt’s little Saab than making that same haul with four kids in my minivan. 

The celebration for this new little baby-on-the-way was so lovely.  Full of tiny dresses and sweet stuffed animals and really, really delicious cupcakes.  And diapers so small I can’t believe any of my children ever, ever fit into anything that little.

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These little moccasins make my ovaries hurt (although not enough to actually entertain the thought of having more children).  Pink and gold and soft handmade leather from a new-to-me company called Freshly Picked.  They are just so sweet. 

Over the weekend, I really did indulge and relax.  I got my hair washed and blown out, my make-up done, AND a shoulder massage on Friday afternoon.   Unprecedented.  After a weekend like that, I always think that I really need to do that stuff more.  It’s slightly more difficult, though, to justify a blow-out on the weekends here when my biggest event is a little league baseball game.  A shoulder massage might be even MORE justified though…I’ll have to look into my options for that.

I loved seeing my friends, hanging out in the city, and helping get ready for the newest little girl about to join my lovely circle. Baby girls are such a great excuse to celebrate and indulge, aren’t they?  

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