Puppy Love

IMG_6666Last night, I was cooking dinner when the puppy slunk into the kitchen.  Tail between his legs, ears down, he sidled along the cabinets and sat at my feet, looking up at me pitifully.

My first reaction was that he must have done something wrong, something he knew he shouldn’t have done. 

IMG_6679So I took a lap around the house, with Oliver close at my heels.  Nothing out of place, no poop in the corner or chewed shoes anywhere.

And yet, my puppy was still acting strange–all nervous and skittish and clingy.  I sat on the floor and he sat next to me.  Matt came home and instead of running and jumping up and down on his hind legs like a trained circus puppy, Oliver jogged over and sat by Matt’s feet.  It was so unlike his normal reaction that Matt knew something was wrong right away.  IMG_6713

We both tried petting him, playing with him, throwing his favorite toys.  Eventually he slunk under the chair in the living room and curled up, refusing to come out.  I’ve never seen him sit there, ever.  He wouldn’t come out, no matter how we coaxed.  Finally he came out for a carrot (his very favorite treat), but went right back when he was done crunching away.


Matt brought him to the emergency vet, who checked him all over and could find nothing wrong; there was seemingly no explanation for his suddenly strange behavior.  He sent us home with instructions to watch Oliver closely — was he heating, drinking, going to the bathroom? 

oliver sleeping

Oliver came home and ate his whole dinner.  Drank water.  Went outside and went to the bathroom.  But still, his behavior was totally off: he wouldn’t sit with us on the couch, where we sit EVERY NIGHT until Matt picked him up and put him there.  He was subdued, unusually unresponsive.

Cute Oliver

And so I’m worried.  Really worried. And I’ve become that person that writes all about their dog on the internet. 

I love this little pup.  He’s part of my family and he’s got my heart.  I need him to be totally fine today, back to his normal snuggly, excited, perky self. 

Send some good thoughts to us today, if you can.

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6 thoughts on “Puppy Love

    1. Jessica Post author

      No blood tests yet because the vet said all his vitals were good and there were no signs that anything was physically wrong. We’re watching him today. He’s a tiny bit better, but still not himself. Thank you for thinking of us!

  1. Jen Gagner

    Duke has had episodes like that before and they always seem to pass after a few days…just make sure he is eating, drinking, peeing and pooping! But also trust your instinct…Duke was sick for three weeks vomiting and diarrhea and after THREE expensive vet visits I suggested a dewormer and he magically got better. Love out dogs sending prayers your way!


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