You Say Tomato…

IMG_3700We were sitting on the couch watching a DVRd episode of The Amazing Race the other night — all the kids and I.  You know the show?  Teams travel around the world and complete challenges and the winning team gets a million dollars. 

In the episode we were watching, the teams were about to travel to Thailand.

The narrator announced that the teams were going to Thailand, but not which city they’d be traveling to, then they scrolled the name of the destination across the screen:


G levitated off the couch, eyes wide:

“That city is called FUCK IT?!?!?”

No! I’m gasping with parental disapproval and the juvenile urge to laugh.  It’s pronounced Poo-ket, I explain.

Problem solved.  Geography lesson attended to.  Calm parent did not overreact or laugh.  I should probably get a parenting award!

Except now all the boys are hooting with laughter.

“It says ‘POO’ right in it!”

Doh.  It totally does.

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