A Love Note from my Son

rip the livingsI have two children who are morning people, and two children who are not.

My morning babies get up in good moods, get ready for school with time to spare, and usually help me — a decidedly NON-morning person — get through the early hours of our days with a little more grace than I could muster on my own.

My non-morning children are less helpful before 9AM.

One morning a few weeks ago, O, my 6-year old NON-morning person, did NOT want to get up for school.  He’d been awake a lot the night before for one reason or another and I knew he hadn’t gotten a good night’s rest. But it couldn’t be helped–he had to go to school.

Usually even my sleepers are up at around 7 or 7:15 for school — by that time Matt, G & Q (the morning people in the family) are up, dressed, eating, and chatting away not-very-quietly in the kitchen. 

But that morning I had to wake O up at 7:45 and basically drag him out of bed.

He got dressed under threat of punishment.  He complained about breakfast and only wanted things I didn’t have.  He finally ate, but unwillingly and vocally unhappily.  When I finally pushed him out the door to walk to school at 8:15, I had used up every last threat in my arsenal and every last ounce of my patience. 

And then I walked back into the kitchen and saw this sweet little love note he left on the easel white board.

All I could do was laugh. The feelings were DEFINITELY mutual.  He just expressed them better than I had.

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