Cutting Myself Some Slack

winter skyOver Spring Break last week, I got sick.  Just a sinus thing, nothing major, but I felt miserable.  Getting sick shouldn’t be that big a deal — obviously people get sick every day.  But Matt had no time to take days off, and the kids were all home, and I had all this stuff I had planned to complete over break before spring sports really start with a vengeance, and so getting sick was REALLY inconvenient.

The first morning I woke up with the headache and sinus pressure, I wrote it off as allergies and forged through with my plans for the day — ripping out 8 bushes from the front yard that I’ve always hated and re-edging and mulching the gardens.  The kids were a huge help and we got it all done, but I felt just awful all day and actually ended up going to bed — to sleep — at 7:30 that night.  I can’t remember another time that’s happened since I’ve had kids.

The next morning I woke up after 11 hours of sleep still not feeling great.  But I had stuff to do — grocery shop and get Easter supplies and bake — so I pushed it again.  But I felt like crap and I was super short-tempered with the kids because everything hurt.  It wasn’t their fault, but my patience was just non-existent. 

By that night I was coughing, I had a headache, my throat hurt, my whole body ached, I was exhausted.  I just felt like crap.

And finally I realized that pushing through and getting everything done wasn’t actually helping anyone.  I was not letting my body rest and get better and even though I was checking items off the To Do List, I was making everyone miserable in the process.

So I lay down on the couch and watched a movie with the kids and Matt.  And I took the next day as easy as possible.  I rested, drank water and lots of tea, and let things go (like laundry, cleaning, and cooking).  And thankfully it helped a bit.  I definitely felt better.

If one of the kids had been sick or Matt had been sick, I would NEVER have let them do all the stuff I forced myself to do.  I know better than to push a sick body.  But sometimes I get the things I “have to do” so built up in my head that not doing them makes me feel like a complete failure.  And I do not like to feel like a failure.

So I’m writing this down to remind my future self that getting everything done when you’re sick doesn’t make you a hero, it makes you more sick.  Sit down, let yourself rest, have some tea, and heal.

God knows the laundry will still be there when you feel better.

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3 thoughts on “Cutting Myself Some Slack

  1. mish

    Hubby yells at me all the time for not resting when i should. I’ve become better at it in recent years. Maybe it finally comes with age. Or. . . maybe it comes with older kids that can fend for themselves.


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