Hair Game: On Point

G hair cutThis past Sunday was haircut day for the boys at our house.  Matt cuts their hair and he does an impressive job, in my opinion.

Everyone chose their own ‘do — we even did some Pinterest searching that morning looking for just the right cut.

I don’t really have rules about how my kids wear their hair, although I do have suggestions when they ask.  We’ve let them cut mohawks, shave their heads bald, and everything in between.  I’ve told them they can grow it out, but none of the boys have the patience for it, so every attempt ends within a few months and never results in very long hair. 

It’s only hair and it will grow back, so if they want crazy hairdos, I have no problem with that.

B keeps it pretty simple, although she’s had short bobs and long hair, no bangs and side bangs.  I won’t let her color it at all until she’s older–I feel like you have to save something for the teen years so she’s not completely blase before she graduates from high school.

By the middle of summer, the boys all usually ask to have their heads completely shaved — it’s just too hot for hair, I’ve heard — so we’ll see what happens this year.  G is currently pretty obsessed with making sure his hair looks perfectly coiffed every morning, so I have a sneaking suspicion he may not want to buzz it all clean off come July.

Sometimes I look at their little buzz cuts and feel a twinge of jealousy — how much easier would my life be if I buzzed the sides off and just had a long mohawk?  So.  Much.  Easier.  It doesn’t really fit with my personality though, but that doesn’t mean I’m not tempted.

I mean, if I did that, I’d almost be as cool as these three. 

hair game on point

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