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It’s bittersweet, that this little munchkin is growing up.  I love watching him as he grows and changes, but sometimes it’s hard to believe that my baby is really not a baby.

He can read.  HE CAN READ!  It’s awesome and amazing and I love it. 

It’s a huge milestone–both for him and for me.  All my kids can read.  I feel like I’ve accomplished some major parenting coup.  I’ve done it!  I taught them all to read!  My work here is done.

(Right?  There’s not really anything else I need to teach them.)

He’s still in the sound-it-out phase, of course, so we have a ways to go before he’s devouring books on his own like his older siblings. But we’re there, on the precipice, looking at a whole world full of adventures between the pages of every book. 

I’m excited.  But not nearly as excited as him.

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4 thoughts on “Reading

  1. Heather

    Having your kids read you a book for the fist time is truly one of those, heart swelling with pride, moments for sure.

  2. Mish

    My son, age 5, is just reading now too. He was very discouraged at the start of the school year because it was so hard. When, a couple of months ago, after reading homework and sounding out words I said to him. “You know what this means?” “You can read!”

    He was SOOOOO excited when he realized that and has taken to his homework with a flourish now.

  3. Mish

    I remember the first time i read a book by myself. Green Eggs and Ham on Christmas Morning when i was 4. I was so proud. I remember my mom looking at me with pride too. 🙂

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