Rude Awakening

cup of coffee

No matter how hard I tried, Matt wouldn’t tell me what was going on.  He wouldn’t make eye contact, he shied away from my touch.  I pleaded with him to tell me what was going on, why he was treating me so badly…

And finally he told me he was having an affair and he didn’t love me anymore.  He was leaving me.

And my heart broke into one thousand tiny pieces.  And then it healed into a heart made of stone and I turned my sadness into anger and I knew that I would live only to make his life hell.

And then I woke up and realized it had all been a dream — a nightmare, really — and it wasn’t real.

But man, was I pissed.  So, so angry.  Scratch-your-eyes-out, bite-your-head-off mad.

I walked into the kitchen where my thoughtful, considerate, loving husband had made coffee and gotten breakfast started for the kids.  And I crossed my arms over my chest and glared at him.  And told him what he had done in my dream and that I was pissed and he better fricking fix it.

It must be so fun to be married to me sometimes.

Thankfully he laughed at me, kissed me, and melted my heart a little.  Just a little though–I wasn’t quite ready to forgive waking/real-life Matt for what dream/a-hole Matt had done. 

So I explained to him that if he HAD done that to me in real life, I would not be sad and sorry, I would be irate and vengeful.

He knew that, he said.   

And he made me a cup of coffee. So I forgave him.  (He knows the way to my heart.)

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again — I am a lucky girl.  (Matt may not be so lucky.  His wife is a crazy person.)

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