Every year when Q’s preschool has class pictures, they open up the day to siblings so that families can bring their older and younger kids in and get photos all together.

It’s been a few years since I’ve done it, but this morning we all went in together and got the kids photos done.  Since all my children went to preschool there, it’s a nice little walk down Memory Lane for them, and their old teachers love seeing them grown up and off to elementary school.

We do lots of photos in this family.  Lots.  Because there’s so much about their babyhoods and toddlerhoods I don’t remember until a photo jogs my memory.  So I try to take lots of photos so that years from now I can look back and remember how B still had cuts and scabs on her knees from playing outside when she was almost 11, and how G used to spike his hair in a very carefully crafted faux-hawk every morning, or how O had this one super dangly snaggle tooth for months before it finally came out, and how Q used to eat his upper lip every time he smiled.

I’m not great about printing out pictures and putting them in albums, though, and that scares me.  What if I lose all these photos because they exist only digitally and then I basically can’t remember anything about my children when they were little? (Slightly overdramatic, maybe, but whatever.)  I’m trying to get better about it–I ordered a hundred or so prints a few weeks ago and am planning to do that monthly until I can catch up.  But that will take a while–we’ve got ten years of photos to get through.

It will be worth it though, to be able to look back and see these sweet faces and remember.

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4 thoughts on “Snapshot

  1. Jeff

    Jess, get the groovebook app. I was afraid of losing all my photos too. I am ridiculously PARANOID about losing them. I have them on my cloud, micro sd cards, external harddrive and now groovebooks. Worth every penny. You pay 2.99 a month and you upload 100 photos and they send it to you. Shipping is included!


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