Birthday Traditions

IMG_4259When Q turned 5 in April, he started off a near-monthly birthday celebration for our family that lasts through summer.  Our birthdays are all in a row — basically one a month from now through September.

I had my birthday last Friday.  O will turn 7 in July (the gap between mine and his is our longest span between birthdays).  B turns 11 in August.  G turns 9 in September.

And Matt turns the big 4-0 in September as well. (That may require an extra special celebration!)

For the next few months, then, I’m constantly either planning a party or deciding what gifts to buy or figuring out what kind of cake to make. 

When they wake up on their birthdays, our kids come down to a decorated kitchen with streamers, garlands, party hats, and/or balloons.  Birthday gifts are placed at the birthday kid’s place at the table to be opened at a breakfast celebration.  We’ve always done it, and it’s become a fun tradition.

IMG_2294The birthday kid also gets to choose dinner that day and, of course, dessert.  We don’t limit birthday desserts to cake because some of my kids prefer other things — O in particular tends to choose something different, like strawberry shortcake or homemade ice cream.

IMG_2443Because we do a breakfast birthday celebration, birthday dinners don’t ALWAYS take place on the kids’ actual birthdays.  A lot of times we have games or practices those nights, so sometimes birthday dinner is the closest available night to the actual birthday.  But birthday breakfast — that’s a tradition that never changes.

IMG_2614And sometimes — even better — it includes fake mustaches!

It’s fun to look back and see the pictures over the years.  Yay for birthday season at our house!

Do you have any special birthday traditions?

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