UK FlagI got my birthday wish.

We got the word last week that we are finally, FINALLY moving.  And it’s happening soon.  Six months of waiting, and we have six weeks to get everything done and get to England.

Even if I don’t sleep for the next six weeks, I’ll get it done.  I’m just so happy to be going!

We don’t have an exact travel date yet because Matt’s company has to actually purchase the plane tickets.  But we do have a general time frame: we need to be in the UK by the last week of June. 

Lots to do.  Lots and lots to do.

We’re working on school arrangements for the kids first.  We are in the fortunate position of having private school paid for as part of the relocation package, so we are researching schools and getting admissions requirements and it’s really exciting and fun.

Once we arrive in England, we’ll live in temporary housing for a while until our household goods are delivered.  Since we’ll have a few weeks before that happens, we plan to wait until we get there to find a house to rent.  We’re checking the area out online, but won’t commit to a place until we see it in person.  We’re really lucky to have that flexibility.

We’re figuring out cars and pets and doctor appointments and home rental arrangements and one million other things right now.  And even though it’s overwhelming and crazy, I’m so glad we’re finally doing it, I don’t even care how exhausting it is. 

It’s all happening.

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8 thoughts on “FINALLY!

  1. Andrea Roust

    WOO HOO!!! This is so awesome! What an amazing experience for your family and who knows what it will lead to? So excited for you all 🙂

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  3. Natalie

    Found you through Design Mom. Your house is lovely 🙂 We moved to England two years ago from Texas. It is a TON of fun and more different than you’d imagine. Access to travel is beyond amazing (we can fly all 5 of us to Germany for £100/$150!!!)! VRBO/Homeaway/Airbnb are your new friends!! It is always chilly (except those two weeks of summer we get, lol) so be sure to bring warm slippers! “Summer” is a great time to get here. Congrats & Good Luck!

    1. Jessica Post author

      Thank you so much! I’m so excited about the move and can’t wait to see how things are different and similar. And the opportunity to travel is definitely the best part! Definitely let me know if you have more advice on what to bring, where to go, and any travel tips! I am all ears.

  4. Rebecca

    Found you through Design Mom as well–love your blog! I live in England too, moved here 6 years ago with my British (now) husband. What area will you be you living in?

    Don’t bother bringing many electronics–they often don’t work well and things like hair dryers will blow up even with an adapter!

    If your kids have favourite foods (like can’t live without a certain kind of peanut butter) you might want to bring some of that just in case you can’t find it here, which is often the case. We have Cheerios for example but they are sugary and multigrain, not the regular kind! Generally food is less processed and healthier though. You’ll be spoiled by our bread and cheese for life when you go back!

    Most museums are free and have world class exhibits–lots to do with a family.

    Not sure if you plan on getting a car–most are manual and of course there is getting used to the other side of the car, other side of the road thing! If you are living near a city, public transport is amazing here and you can get trains to just about anywhere in the UK. There are some incredibly beautiful journeys on the regular train service.

    It’s so tempting to go to Europe/Africa/Middle East as much as possible but don’t ignore all the amazing places to visit in the UK–Cornwall for beaches and surfing, Lake District for beautiful hikes, canal boat vacations–you are going to love it!

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