Boys of Summer

Gabe ready to fire 2Baseball season is winding down, and there are just a few games left.  While I look forward to having 20+ dedicated hours in my week freed up, I’m also slightly sad.  I love watching my boys play baseball, almost as much as they love playing it.

And let me tell you, they love it a lot.

O pitchingNight and day, they play baseball.  They have gloves on their hands or bats on their shoulders every time I look at them.

Q IronbirdsI have to force them to come inside and eat some afternoons.  After three baseball games on a Saturday morning — roughly 6 hours of baseball — they come home and play whiffle ball in the yard until the sun goes down.

G whiffle ballIt’s a beautiful thing when your children find something they love, and baseball is high on the list for all three (actually, all four) of my boys.

Q hittingThey have been playing baseball since they could walk.  They’ve been on actual teams since they were about 3 years old.  And this is their last season for a while — baseball isn’t exactly common in England.

So we’re savoring every last inning and loving the late nights and long days, the grass-stained baseball pants and the sunflower seed hulls in all their pockets.  Baseball forever!

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2 thoughts on “Boys of Summer

  1. Mish

    Time to learn Cricket! There are a lot of Indian contract workers in our business park. They are constantly playing cricket out in the common field.

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