Just Keep Swimming

O goggles

My favorite thing about summer vacation is swim team.  It’s just FUN.

My kids have swim practice every morning for a few hours.  I hang out with other parents from the neighborhood while all our kids run and play and swim.  Occasionally I’ll swim laps while the kids practice and then I marvel at how much better than me my kids are at swimming.  Like, WAY, WAY better.

O vs. Q

We have meets one weeknight evening and every Saturday morning and it’s fun and competitive.  My kids love it and so do Matt and I.B and G

We’ve been swimming on this team for six summers now — since B was just 5 years old — and all my kids are FINALLY old enough to actually participate in the meets every week.  Q could NOT be more excited that he gets to swim FOR REAL.  He’s only been waiting his whole entire life for this.

Q first official A meetSo even if we struggle to get into a good rhythm at home, at the pool, we’re always happy.

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One thought on “Just Keep Swimming

  1. Dorothy Donvan

    Love all pics of kids enjoying swim team! I have very happy memories of swim team when katie and laura were little. Spaghetti dinners, pancake breakfast and trips to kings dominion. Loved cheering on the kids at the meets and working clerk of the course. But best was the love and dedication of the coaches!! Hats off to nancy for teaching our kids to work as a team, to be physically fit, and to learn patience in the process at the meets. What a gift she has been to so many children I our community over the past 20 plus years!!!


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