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I don’t get political on here, I don’t get religious on here, and I try not to alienate people whose beliefs may not line up with mine.  But I also don’t want to avoid writing about things I truly care about for fear of offending someone.  Keeping my opinion to myself is all good and fine, but avoiding difficult topics because they might make people uncomfortable is a cowardly practice.  And I am not a coward.  I may catch shit for this from some people, but you know what?  I’m okay with that.

And I am too happy about the Supreme Court marriage equality decision on Friday to not talk about it.  And this is my blog, so I’m talking about it.

I’m going to be honest and admit that I didn’t even realize on Friday morning that the decision was to be made that day.  I was at the pool for the kids’ swim practice and happened to check FB and Twitter and my feeds were lit up with links saying that same-sex marriage had been legalized across the entire country.  I got chills and tears in my eyes as I sat there reading the decision, because this is a huge, amazing step toward making this country — to paraphrase — a more perfect union.

The best part of my day, other than the rainbow-filled social media feeds and the stories of joy streaming across my computer screen was when I explained the significance of this day to my kids.  I told them that, as of that day, everyone, EVERYWHERE in this country could marry the person they love, regardless of whether that was a man and a woman in love, or a man and a man in love, or a woman and a woman in love.

And G looked at me like I was flat-out crazy.  “Okay?  Why is that a big deal?” he asked.

It was a huge deal, I said.  I explained that until that morning, people living in certain states were not allowed to marry the person they loved if that person was the same sex. 

“Wait, WHAT?  THAT’S DUMB!” he said. “You should be able to marry who you love, no matter what!”

(YES!  Thank you, eight year old boy, for summing up the entire thing so succinctly.) 

You guys, it was so obvious, so painfully clear to my eight year old son that OF COURSE YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO MARRY WHO YOU LOVE, that he didn’t even realize that there were places anywhere where you couldn’t.  BECAUSE THAT WOULD BE DUMB.

And from now on, there are no more places in this country where you can’t marry the person you love.  History was made on Friday, and I am grateful to have watched it happen.

Love WINS.  Love ALWAYS wins.

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4 thoughts on “Love Wins

  1. Nancy Bradley

    You are so awesome! My kids are long grown (chronologically speaking, that is), but speaking as a mom, grandma, and retired educator, I find your words always so full of wisdom and inspiration. You definitely have your ducks (er…little nesting dolls ๐Ÿ™‚ all in a row. Love your blog and love you too!

  2. Mish

    I have been so surprised by the need for you and Matt to address this on social media. I get the impression you’ve seen negative comments within your social media contacts. I have not seen ONE negative comment on my feed, which is pretty great.

    Anyway, I am too chicken to post my thoughts on FB (so I’ll post it here-LOL):

    My main point is “Seperation of church and state”. I look at it like the word Marriage has two meanings.
    1) within the church it is a sacrament between a man and a woman – should the church choose to use that strict interpretation.
    2) within the government it is a joining of two consenting adults for the purpose of federal rights: next of kin, taxes, etc.

    Personally i think that the government should not use the term Marriage as it stems from a Christian sacrament. I think that everyone in the United states should be issued a civil union license (or whatever term they want).

    But regardless of all that, as Pope Francis implied, how is it Godly to post/say hateful things?

    1. Little Nesting Doll Post author

      Most of the commentary on my feed was positive too. ๐Ÿ™‚ I just wanted to put my thoughts out there because I was really moved by the whole ruling and think it was too important not to address.


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