One For the Baby Book

B before haircutI took B to get her first official salon haircut last week. 

She’d had hair cuts when she was really little at the children’s hair place with the TVs at every station, but it had literally been probably seven years.  I always just cut it myself on the back patio.

She only wants her hair cut about twice a year anyway, and the rest of the time she pretty much says she’s “growing it out”.  But she came home from swim practice one day a few weeks ago and said she wanted to cut a few inches off.  Right then, please.

Having been down that road before, where I cut her hair immediately after she made her request, only to find her in the throes of regret two hours later, I told her she had to wait at least 48 hours to make the decision.

And then I decided it was time to get her hair cut at a real salon, because we’re at the point with her where a bad haircut can wreck her life.  And I don’t need that kind of thing on my head.

So we made an appointment at my salon, waited three or four days so B could be sure she REALLY wanted a hair cut, and off we went!

B hair afterShe looks really grown up.  It’s both lovely and terrifying, honestly.  She loves it.  So do I.

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