Officially, Officially, Official

british flagFinally, after a ridiculously drawn-out nine month process with many bumps and many delays, we are moving.

We bought plane tickets and are in the process of putting the deposit down on a rental home (I’ll post about it soon!), so it’s happening.  Now that plane tickets are in hand, it’s official.

We leave on August 7th, which is just 15 days away, and the movers are actually coming on the 27th and 28th of this month, which is just 4 days away!  We have SO much to do in the next two weeks, but now that I know we’re really, truly, finally going, I can check every last thing off my long to-do list with a smile on my face.

Through this whole process, my emotions have been so up and down; I feel like I’ve been put through a wringer.  Matt and I have butted heads, the children have wondered if we’re ever really going, and the pets…well, the pets went to their new homes months in advance, so at least we know they’re settled in happily.

But it’s all happening now.  We’re really going.

Pinch me!

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