Ten, Times Two



Matt and I have two anniversaries.  Eleven and a half years ago, we eloped.  And then ten years ago, we had a wedding.

So tomorrow is our second ten-year anniversary.

Our wedding was so long delayed, so much anticipated, and so worth the wait. 

Our original wedding was postponed because I was supposed to deploy.  So we eloped.  Then I didn’t deploy because it turned out I was pregnant.  And then we had a baby.  And then Matt deployed. 

And then, FINALLY, fourteen months after our original wedding was scheduled for, nineteen months after we eloped, ten months after our first baby was born, and four months after Matt came home, we had a wedding. 

And man, it was the best party.  The sweetest, most anticipated, joy-filled celebration of something we had planned and delayed and hoped for for so long.  It was a night full of the people we love most, dancing and singing and eating and celebrating and filling us up with love and support and happiness.  It was a perfect night.

No marriage is without bumps, no relationship is without it’s challenges, and no person is without flaws.  But perfection isn’t the goal.  The goal, I think, is to find the person who helps you through hard times and allows you come out the other side a better person.  The point of it all is not to have a perfect life free of hardship, but to love your life together complete with it’s difficulties.

Perfection is a fairy tale, but happily ever after is real.  I’m so grateful to be living mine.

wedding cake

Happy Tenth Anniversary, Matt, for the second time. 

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7 thoughts on “Ten, Times Two

  1. Nancy Bradley

    You two are a beautiful couple, with a beautiful story, and a beautiful family. Fairy tales are definitely real sometimes. We love you all!

  2. Karen rushing

    It was a beautiful wedding that will be in our hearts forever. Seeing our only child, marry the love of his life, along with his first baby and only girl! It was a magical time for all of us to witness. Wishing you both wonderful adventures to come with your amazing family.

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