Blank Space

We love this house — the place where we’ve lived for most of our marriage, the place our children will always think of as their childhood home.  It’s why we’re renting it instead of selling it when we move.  But I refuse to be sad about leaving it for this new adventure we’re facing. 

This house is still mine.  I’ll be back.  We’re not saying good-bye, we’re saying until we meet again, and that’s a very different sentiment.

Once the furniture and boxes were removed and I looked around at this big blank slate, I actually felt excited about the potential of what we can do when we return.  It’s a huge inspiration to see your space empty of all it’s familiar trappings so you can imagine it anew.  Not many people get to do that. 

We’re heading to a new house, in a new place, and I can’t wait to make it our home. I’ve looked at the photos of the house online a million times now, pored over the dimensions of each room on the floor plan, planned where my furniture will go and thought about what new items we’ll need to fill in spaces and make the house our own.  I can’t wait to get in there and get started.

And I look forward equally to the day when we come back here and reclaim this blank space and make it ours again. 

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