Dream Bath

Dream shower.

Dream shower (this is not my shower, but mine is pretty sweet too!)

Although we’re living in a 200-year old house, the bathrooms are completely updated–newer and nicer than the ones we left behind in DC.  And you guys, my master bath?  It has heated floors. 

Best.  Invention.  Ever.

When we go back to the States, updating the bathrooms in our house is at the top of the priority list.  And I’m pretty sure radiant heat under the floors is going on the MUST-HAVE list.  Along with a built-in heated towel rack (which we also have here).  I think my master bathroom might actually be my favorite room in this house.

I’m sort of obsessed with the way our bathroom is designed and it has me thinking about what I want to do when we get back to our own home in the States.  (Which is sort of ridiculous since we just got here, but whatever.)

In my dream bathroom, there are a few items that are non-negotiable: a large glassed-in  shower (no shower curtains, ever again!) , double sinks/mirrors (Matt, don’t touch my stuff!) , a good-sized linen closet (so I can’t be stranded after a shower with no towel), a skirted toilet (streamlined so there’s no weird grooves to clean), heated floors (now that I know how amazing they are), and a window.  Our current bathroom has a window and our bathroom in DC does not, and it just feels so much bigger in a room with a window (even though the square footage of our new bathroom is just about the same as our old one).

Considering the fact that I have taken exactly ZERO baths in the eight years we lived in our DC house, I could clearly live without a bathtub.  But if I did have one, I would prefer it to be big enough that both my shoulders and my knees can be in the water at the same time.  Who do they even make bathtubs for if my short 5’3″ frame can’t fit all at once?  This one would do nicely:

What does your dream bathroom look like?  Are you lucky enough to be living with it already? We’re pretty close in this house!

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4 thoughts on “Dream Bath

  1. Jane

    that bathroom looks awesome! I would love heated floors everywhere in the house, but bathroom would be a great place to start. I don’t mind glass, but I would Definitely want it frosted:)

  2. Sheri

    Living in hot, sunny Florida, I completely forgot about our German bathrooms. Yes, those heated floors and towel racks are AMAZING! Enjoy that gorgeous bathroom!!


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