Lordy, Lordy

Look who’s forty…

Matt is 40

Hint: NOT ME!

In honor of this momentous occasion, forty things I love about Matt:

  1. He always makes the coffee before I get downstairs in the morning and has it ready and waiting when I get to the kitchen.
  2. He gave me these guys:IMG_4389
  3. He’s good at just about every sport he’s ever tried and it’s fun to watch him play.
  4. He’s a patient and supportive coach and teacher — he’ll spend hours playing with the kids and teaching them new skills.
  5. He is a hands-on dad and always has been — he’s changed diapers since the very first one, and never, ever shirked on his share of kid-related duties.
  6. He is a traditionalist, but he’s never against trying something new. 
  7. He makes THE BEST pancakes (always from scratch, no box mixes).
  8. He loves his job and is passionate about what he does.  It’s inspirational to live with someone who actually looks forward to going to work most of the time.
  9. He is friendly and can talk to anyone. 
  10. He is fiercely competitive, and so am I.  We show no mercy in board games, sports events, or any other competition, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.
  11. He listens to and supports my crazy ideas — like completely changing the way we eat and switching to all-organic, unprocessed foods, or y’know, moving to a different country.
  12. He is really good at Legos, and teaches the kids how to build cool things. 
  13. He’s always on time. (And by on time, I mean at least 10 minutes early.)
  14. He likes getting dressed up, and he likes clothes shopping.
  15. He never says I don’t need any more shoes. 
  16. He cooks at least 50% of the dinners here, maybe more.
  17. He kills all the bugs.  And he doesn’t get annoyed when I scream at him from across the house to come save me from a spider.
  18. He supported and encouraged me when I wanted to stop working and stay home with kids.
  19. He loves to travel. 
  20. He encourages our children to look at things from other people’s perspectives.  He’s good at doing that, too.
  21. He explains difficult concepts to the children in terms they can understand, and helps them see both sides of a story.
  22. He’s really smart. 
  23. He thinks I’m a good writer, and he encourages me to pursue my own dreams.
  24. He goes to work late or leaves early to see the kids’ important events.
  25. He roots for his home teams without question, but he roots for the Red Sox if the Orioles get eliminated, and the Patriots when the Ravens lose. 
  26. He’ll stay up late combing through moving boxes to find 2 blank pieces of printer paper and get the wireless printer working so we can make sure B gets a Hogwarts letter on her 11th birthday.  He knows those little things are important.
  27. He’ll miss his own softball games to coach the boys’ baseball teams.
  28. He is loyal to his family.
  29. He’s a gracious winner and (usually) a gracious loser.
  30. He cares about teamwork and being a good sport, and teaches our children those values too.
  31. He watches Downton Abbey with me and likes it.  And isn’t embarrassed to say so.
  32. He never treats Bridget differently because she’s a girl, or the boys differently because they’re boys.  He’s teaching my children by example that gender roles are stupid and boys and girls are equals and capable of doing the same things.
  33. He is fastidious about his appearance, but not annoyingly so.
  34. He never lies to me to make things easier on himself; I know if I ask for his opinion, I’m getting his actual opinion, even if I don’t like it.
  35. He would be great in the zombie apocalypse — he’s really good at outdoor survival stuff and he’s a good shot.  (He’s totally my zombie apocalypse team captain.)
  36. He can design and build just about anything I think of.
  37. He looks at maps and basically memorizes them and then just knows where to go, which is useful because I suck at reading maps.
  38. He likes to read.  He leaves me alone when I’m reading.  And he likes to discuss and debate about the things we’ve read. 
  39. He believes that family comes first.  Period.
  40. He makes me strive to be a better version of myself and he holds us all to a high standard.  He never accepts less than his best, and he expects the best from everyone.

And suddenly, at the end of that list, I realize that forty items don’t do it justice.  He’s just a good, good person.  And I’m grateful to be spending my life with him.

Happy birthday Matt!  You make 40 look goooood. 143!

XO, Me

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5 thoughts on “Lordy, Lordy

  1. Karen

    I think we did a good job as parents raising an amazing son. So happy you two met each other and have made an amazing life together with the best grand kids! Thanks Jess for always being by his side. That’s the most a mom can ever ask for! Always be happy! Blessings are coming your way.

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