Happy Thanksgiving

cousins at Thanksgiving

We’re not in Boston for Thanksgiving for the first time in my kids’ whole lives.

It’s totally weird.

We miss the cousins, the whole family, the food, and the annual layover in NYC on the way up the East Coast.

This is the first holiday we’re really missing because of the move — there’s no equivalent in England, and the kids have a normal school day. 

But we didn’t want to be sad about the one real downside to living in England, so we’re making the most of it and instead of eating turkey and pie today, we’re actually flying to Edinburgh for the weekend!  We miss our friends and family at home, but we won’t let that be the overriding theme of the day. 

Happy Thanksgiving from Scotland!

Also, adventures from Thanksgiving’s past, and the Christmas Creep, which isn’t a problem in England where it’s Christmas season basically on November 1!


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One thought on “Happy Thanksgiving

  1. Sheri Prescott

    I remember really missing American holiday traditions, like Thanksgiving, during our 3 years overseas. It was hard. But like you are taking advantage of, the travel opportunities are incredible. And, Christmas and Easter, in Europe, were some of my favorite memories! I’m not sure how they celebrate in England, but Germans made those holidays extra-special! *Hugs*


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