The hardest thing — in fact, one of the only real downsides to living in England — is how far away we are from our families.  We miss them.  A lot.

Matt’s parents came to visit in October and it was so great.  Although we did lots of tourist-y things, we also just hung at the house a lot and enjoyed some time together.  We played dominoes and the kids and their grandparents did the entire Harry Potter movie marathon — all eight movies — over the course of the week.  Big events are fun, but the down time is even better.


My parents are coming tomorrow and will be here for Christmas and we are all so excited.  We have plans, again, to do some sight-seeing and touring a bit, but I’m also just looking forward to hanging out and playing cards.  The only thing that could make it better would be if my sisters and their husbands and kids were here too.

I hope you all have your favorite people by your side over the holidays, whoever they are, and you just soak up every minute of it.

Also, this was our last visit with my sister and her kids, and here’s my thoughts on what’s really important.


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