Gift Guide: For Your Mom, Your Sister & Your BFF

Gift Guide for the ladiesSometimes when it comes time for me to buy a gift for my mom or my sister or one of my friends, I get a little stumped.  I want so much to get them the PERFECT thing, that sometimes I have trouble deciding what the perfect thing IS.  Then I realize that the easiest way to get inspired is to look at my own wishlist!

Often I see something I’d love, but I don’t buy it because I don’t really NEED it and it seems a bit indulgent.  Those are the things I want to get for my mom and sisters and friends: those little indulgences they won’t get for themselves.  And that husbands/boyfriends/significant others don’t always think of… 🙂

Here’s what I’d love to give (or get!) this holiday season:

Books to Inspire

I love coffee table books.  They’re pretty.  You can read them over and over again, and when they become so familiar you know them by heart, they’re a comfort, like an old friend.  Here’s a few I’d love:

Coffee Table BooksHONY Stories; Charley Harper Art; Domino Home Decor


The most useful purse ever: it charges your phone!

Gorgeous, personal jewelry she’ll love and you can customize just for her (Want a quote?  Get a quote! Want names?  Get names.  Just initials?  You can get those too!) 

A pretty coffee cup just for her (…and don’t try to tell me a coffee cup isn’t an accessory.  I’ll never believe it!). 

And an EOS in every color–my favorite lip balm (I’m obsessed).

accessory gift ideasMighty Purse Charging Wristlet; Miscellaneous Joy sterling silver stamped cuff; Lady Latte Mug; EOS Lip Balm


I always want more of these; they’re the perfect accessory.  And these particular scarves from FashionABLE make a difference in the lives of women, too; their products are “made by women who have overcome”.  I especially love a gift that makes a difference. 

fashionABLE scarvesGenet Scarf; Sisay Scarf

Art prints

This is a running theme in all my gift guides –everyone needs more art in their lives!  She needs this one in particular because she’s such a fox. (Get it?  Get it?  HA!)  If foxes aren’t her thing, Minted has tons of other options, so you can definitely find something she’ll love.

minted swift fox printMinted Art Swift Fox Print

Adorable home stuff she’d never get herself

Delicious cookies, because YUM. 

Cute carafe and glass set — perfect for a night stand. 

A throw pillow to remind her of home.

home stuff for herWhimsy & Spice Cookie Box; Little Nesting Doll carafe & glass; Hometown Throw Pillow

Soft and Snuggly Something

A cuddly cashmere scarf she’ll never want to take off. 

A blanket so soft, it’s like wearing a hug. 

Slippers that are cute AND comfortable.

soft and snugglyTadcaster Cashmere Scarf from Jack Wills; Little Giraffe Snow Leopard blanket; Chaia Moccasin Slippers

And that, my friends, is that.  Get your favorite ladies something they’ll love this year.  And send this along to your husband/boyfriend/significant other if you think they need some inspiration too! 

Also, here’s my gift guide for little kids, and my gift guide for the bigger kids too!

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