A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words


Last year, I decided I wanted to learn more about photography.  I am a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad photographer, to be honest.  And I thought I could improve, but I was wrong.  I did try, but really, it’s just not my forte.  I don’t have the eye for it.

Talented photographers seem to run in Matt’s family though.  Matt is pretty good.  Bridget and Gabe are actually demonstrating quite an eye for taking pretty pictures lately.  Matt’s cousin Lucy did our family photos several years in a row and they always came out amazing.

And Lucy’s brother Jay (also Matt’s cousin, obviously) is a photographer too — and his shots are AMAZING.  Just so, so good.  Go to his site right now and check them out.  And then order one or two or ten because there is no room anywhere that couldn’t be improved by one of these beauties.


Cool photos are my favorite art form: I love that photos capture reality, but what I really love is how much better than actual reality a good photo can be.  Normal, every day scenes are elevated to extraordinary by a good photographer.

bull_jaysphotosI love this guy.  He belongs on my wall. 

Instead of lamenting my inability to take gorgeous photos, I have finally decided to just leave it to the experts.  And Jay is one of them. Check out the rest of his work; you won’t be disappointed!  I especially love this shot and this one too.

Also, if we’re talking about artists in the family, my sister is pretty amazing as well!


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2 thoughts on “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

  1. Mish

    Photography is not my forte either. I also prefer painting to do and to see as my favorite form of art. I do like to look at nice photography. Jeff is pretty spectacular.

    I like the foggy trails and the train track (probably the same ones as Matt – šŸ˜‰ )


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