Adventures in England: Double Decker Bus Tour


Double-Decker Bus Tour LondonOne of my favorite things we’ve done since moving here was to take a double-decker bus tour around London.  It was such a great way to see the city!

We did it on a sunny Sunday afternoon in the Fall.  The tour was hop-on, hop-off, so we did: we were able to see tons of sites in a short time and in between stops, we listened to a guided audio tour via headphones provided on the bus.  It was really relaxing to sit in the sunshine on the top deck and listen along as we drove through the city.

Double-Decker Bus Tour London

More details and lots more pictures coming up…

Double-Decker Bus Tour London

We got off to see a few sites, but my favorite was St. Paul’s Cathedral; it’s massive and breath-takingly beautiful.  Since it was a Sunday, the church wasn’t open for touring (they were holding services).  Just a good reason to go back again to see the inside.Double-Decker Bus Tour LondonDouble-Decker Bus Tour London

The tour package also included tickets for a boat cruise on the Thames, so we took the bus in one direction through the city (hopping on and off a few times), then cruised back on the river for a different perspective.  Really, really cool.

Double-Decker Bus Tour LondonDouble-Decker Bus Tour London

From the water we saw Shakespeare’s Globe Theater, which I loved.  The guide on the river tour was so funny, and in typical British humor referred to Shakespeare as a “reasonably well-known actor and writer whom you may have heard of”, which made me giggle and made the kids confused. (Doesn’t everyone know Shakespeare, Mom???)

Double-Decker Bus Tour London

We got off the bus for the final time as it got close to Kensington Park so we could check out the Princess Diana Memorial Playground.  It was AMAZING.  Pretty much everywhere we’ve gone so far, we find a playground (play to your audience!), and this was one of our favorites. 

Double-Decker Bus Tour London

The playground is gated with a guard at the entrance, so only families with kids can come in, and children can’t get out without their parent.  I love that because the playground is BIG — it would be impossible to see the whole thing from any one place, so knowing my kids were safely inside and couldn’t wander off, and that no one without children could get in, made me feel better about letting them run free.

Double-Decker Bus Tour London

The Diana playground is Peter Pan-themed, with a giant pirate ship, a mermaid lagoon water feature, and an Indian village. 

Double-Decker Bus Tour London

It is beautifully done and my children absolutely loved it.  There is also a snack bar and public bathrooms available, which means you could pretty much spend a whole afternoon there without needing anything.

Double-Decker Bus Tour London

Double-Decker Bus Tour LondonThe bus tour was a fantastic way to spend a day, and I’ll absolutely recommend it to anyone coming to visit and the Diana playground is high on our list of favorites ever. 

Also, I highly recommend taking any HP fans in your life here, and here’s our other British river cruise.


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2 thoughts on “Adventures in England: Double Decker Bus Tour

  1. Mish

    Nice Hat!

    That would be our first thing to do when visiting London, the Bus tour.
    I did a hop on, hop off tour in DC, that was pretty awesome too.

    Was it a no shoes playground? Boy did they take the Peter Pan story line pretty far! LOL

    1. Jessica @ Little Nesting Doll

      The bus tour in DC IS awesome! I think this is just a good way to get a view of a whole city.

      And the playground was not shoe-free, although my kids like to be as often as possible. The surface under the play structures is sand, so I made them take their shoes off because I hate, hate, hate sandy shoes. 🙂


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