Rustic Cakes

tiered rustic cake

Growing up, my mom always made our birthday cakes and decorated them herself.  She’s really good at it — she took cake decorating classes when I was little and she had all kinds of different pans for different shape cakes, different tips to pipe the frosting in different designs, and she would make frosting flowers in advance and lay them out on wax paper to harden.  I loved watching the whole process.

My mother-in-law decorates cakes too — so Matt also grew up with intricately designed fancy birthday cakes.

My kids…not so much.

I love the idea of it.  I just don’t love actually doing it.  And I actually don’t really like frosting either — I usually scrape most of it off and just eat the cake part.  So the act of piling it on a cake just to scrape it off always seems silly to me.

rustic cakes

These rustic cakes are so beautiful, with just a barely-there layer of frosting and bits of cake peeking through.  It looks like the perfect balance between frosted and not.  And I love the natural embellishments on top!  I want to eat them right up.

Next time I bake a cake, I’m totally trying this.

Also, here is one of my favorite desserts of all time!


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