The Best Family Board Game EVER

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We almost always get a board game for the kids each Christmas; we’re a big game-playing family.

This year’s game is my favorite one ever — since Christmas Day we have probably played it 30+ times, no exaggeration.  My parents were here for 10 days and they played it too, and the four of us adults played it almost every night AFTER the kids went to bed! 

The game is called Munchkin and there are MANY variations available.  We got Munchkin Legends Deluxe but there are tons of other options.

munchkin legends deluxe

It’s complicated at the beginning.  Like, really complicated.  We were honestly playing it wrong for probably the first ten games we played, but it was fun anyway.  Then once you catch on to the rules, it’s SO, SO fun. 

The other cool thing is that there are expansion packs so you can build up a huge set and make the game more complicated, more interesting, and more fun.

This is not a game for really little kids.  You really need to be able to read and add/subtract easily to play, and parts of the game are complicated.  The first few times we played, since my parents were here, we played with four “teams” of one adult and one child and that worked out well.  Now all three of my older kids — ages 11, 9, and 7 — can play without assistance.  My youngest, age 5, is still on someone’s team, but the more we play, the more he picks up on the rules, and I know that it won’t be long before he can handle playing on his own.

This is absolutely, hands-down one of my favorite board games ever and I’m so glad we bought it!

What are your favorite family games?

Also, here are some other family games we love, and that time we used board games (and lots of other distractions) to help us with a family tech detox.


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One thought on “The Best Family Board Game EVER

  1. Mish

    My sister and I liked “Life” growing up but that was because we were playing it wrong! I got it as an adult and there are too many rules and it became a tedious game.

    I really liked “Battleship” but no one else did so i didn’t get to play it often enough. We played a lot of card games and a lot of chess as kids.

    Also Perfection – that could give an anxious kid anxiety attacks though. 🙂

    I like Adult games the best, that might change when my kids are into board games. I like “What the F*ck”. Hysterical. It can be played as a drinking game and can even be used at the end of an adult night with the last stragglers – not playing really just soft playing by asking the questions.


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