Adventures in England: The White Cliffs of Dover

fam at white cliffs

On our second day in Dover, we hiked the famous White Cliffs.  There are moments in this journey as a mother and on this grand adventure of living in Europe that I know I will simply hold onto forever, and this day was one of them.

B and G cliffs

Along the southeast coast of England, the white cliffs rise out of the English Channel.  They are stark and awe-inspiring and beautiful and fierce.  The hiking trail along the cliffs is no joke, but it is worth every slippery step.


We walked along through grassy fields and rolling hills on narrow footpaths that criss-crossed and climbed and dipped and occasionally disappeared into mud puddles.

Matt DoverI was amazed and humbled by the beauty around us and by my children’s absolute joy in it.   IMG_6089IMG_6131

I was also amazed by the complete and total lack of safety warnings, fences, or guardrails along most of the trails.  This hike was taken at your own risk, from beginning to end. 


When we got to the very edge of the cliffs, there was simply nothing between us and the sheer drop, and we stood at the edge of the world, staring out across the English Channel and I felt both very small and very powerful. 


Although I was not afraid for my own safety — I felt securely like I could have walked right up to the edge and not have been scared — every time one of the children made any movement toward the cliff edge, I felt an electric charge of absolute fear run through me.  Matt and I kept a hand on two kids each, although we needn’t have with Gabe, who was very content to look from about 20 feet back, but was absolutely not taking one single step closer.

20151025_112008The other three kids did want to peek over the edge, and so we let them, clutching them by the arms with a vise grip.  It was thrilling and terrifying all at once. 

IMG_6083There are places that feel like magic, that just fill you up to the very brim with happiness and awe and beauty and peacefulness, and this was one of them.

Also, read about our first day in Dover here.



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