Eating Machines

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It didn’t take me very long to adjust to having all the kids in full-day school.  We’re six months in, and I really, really like my quiet days.  Which is why school break takes on a whole new meaning.

We’re off from school this week and even though I absolutely knew it was coming, I somehow didn’t really plan my grocery shopping around the fact that I would be providing lunch and snacks to my children all day.  We were out of food — I mean, OUT — on Tuesday afternoon.  They’re like locusts, man.

For a two hour period yesterday, without exaggeration, Owen was either eating, asking me what he could eat, or making something to eat.  I finally sent him outside to play and said he couldn’t have any more food for one hour.  After 57 minutes, he came in, watched the clock for 3 minutes, then asked what he could eat. 

This is why I’m going grey.

The other three children weren’t quite as bad, but they certainly did their part to eviscerate the pantry contents.  We charged through more than one loaf of bread, almost all the fruit, all the yogurt, all the milk, all the leftovers from dinner the night before, and all the chips and salsa before Matt got home from work yesterday. 

Today, we’re going to the grocery store.  (Yay, grocery shopping with four children in tow, my FAVORITE!)

It was a rookie mistake not to have stocked up on lots of food before having the ravaging horde home for a week, but after yesterday’s eating extravaganza, it’s not a mistake I’ll make again. 

Also, here are some ideas for snacks to make on school break!  I definitely should have made these granola bars.


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