Hard Days and Saving Graces

flowers in Feb

This week has been weird.  Every day feels hard, like everyone in our family is intentionally working against everyone else to make sure we’re all unhappy, stressed, and out-of-sorts.

The kids seem overtired but also wired.  I am constantly exhausted, although I’m sleeping fine, and I feel like I’m running around like a chicken with my head cut off.  Matt is impatient because the kids are hot messes.

People are losing things left and right.  In one day, Owen lost his ENTIRE school backpack with all his work and books and school supplies in it sometime between the end of the school day and the end of his sports practice one hour later AND Bridget left her iPad in an empty auditorium at her school overnight and we just had to hope it would be there the next day.

Gabe couldn’t find his swim suit that he had for P.E. on Tuesday for his swim team practice on Wednesday so he had to borrow one.  He also can’t find his winter coat, which I know was lying on my kitchen floor last night but was nowhere to be found this morning.

Quinn spent 25 minutes one morning searching for one school dress shoe which he was PRETTY SURE he’d had in his hands when he walked downstairs for breakfast that morning, but which turned out to actually be in the back seat of my car from when he took it off the day before on the way home from school.

We’ve had repeated tear-filled homework sessions with all four kids on different nights this week.

People are not pitching in like they normally do and bedrooms are a mess, laundry is piling up, and I have tons of work to do.

We were waiting for some important paperwork in the mail, but when it arrived, it was wrong and has to be redone, so now we have to wait even longer.

None of these things is that bad alone, but the combination is just wearing me out.  I’m losing it a bit, trying not to get mad, but really struggling.  Weeks like this are just hard and stupid.

Then I read this, all about what saves you when life is crazy. I love it.  I needed it.

Now I’m trying to re-focus on the good — on what is saving me instead of what’s killing me softly.  Here are the things getting me through:

The flowers in the photo up top are blooming in my yard right now and they are beautiful.

Grease Live was on TV last night and I sang along, loudly, to the whole. damn. thing.

I spent an extra hour and half at the barn where I take riding lessons on Monday, grooming horses and tacking them up and helping out.  I loved every minute and thinking about that 90 minutes of stable time is getting me through this week.

We’re getting Thai food for dinner tonight from a food truck at Matt’s work that makes the BEST. FOOD. EVER.

My youngest sister is pregnant with her first baby, and I am looking at baby gifts online and imagining all the things I need to get for this new little cousin on the way.

And that’s what I’ve got, what I’m clinging to and what I’m hoping will carry me into a new week that will be less fraught with lost stuff and chaos.

What’s saving you right now?

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