Shared Hobbies

horseback riding famOne of the best parts about getting back in to horseback riding is that my kids are starting it too.  Sharing the experience with them makes it EVEN better, if that’s possible.

Bridget is taking lessons through her school, so once a week she buses over to the stable after school with three other girls, has an hour-long lesson, then buses back to the school.  Every time I pick her up, she’s overflowing with excitement, telling me all about what she did and how much she loved it.

B jumping

At the beginning of the school year, she wasn’t even interested in riding, but the school had a “Give it a Go” intro lesson and I made her promise me she’d try it out.  One lesson was all it took; she was absolutely hooked.

Owen ridingThe boys have actually all expressed more interest in riding than Bridget ever did, but it’s not a viable option for them to do it through the school.  Instead, we’ve brought them for a few private lessons on school breaks.  And they ALSO love it.  Like, LOVE IT, love it.  We’re looking into options for getting the boys into regular lessons too.  G horse ridingMatt is just thrilled that I’ve gotten all four children interested in what is probably the most expensive sport/hobby on Earth.  Thrilled, I tell you.

Quinn ridingOnce I have all the kids hooked, learning, and loving it, it will just be Matt I have to steamroll into getting involved in the barn-related, horse-life before my ultimate goal is within reach.  Easy-peazy, lemon squeezy.  He likes horses, he’s good with animals, and it’s just a matter of time before I wear him down.  I mean, before I convince him that it’s an amazing thing for a child to learn and a that it can be a lifelong passion and is not at all cripplingly expensive and time-consuming.  And then we’ll all ride off together into the sunset!


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2 thoughts on “Shared Hobbies

  1. Sheri Prescott

    So much fun!! I have enjoyed your newest travel pictures and hobby adventures. How special that you are able to share this love of horses with your kiddoes, and in the BEST location! My oldest 3 took English riding lessons for 2 years in Germany, and loved it. Since moving to FL, we just haven’t found the right fit. They sure miss the horses though and I’m excited that your family is “hooked!”


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