Turkish Towels

When Matt and I went to Turkey a few years ago for our friends’ wedding (the one with the best wedding reception story EVER), the one thing I really wanted to bring home as a souvenir was Turkish towels. 

I bought some at the Grand Bazaar, gave a few as gifts, and then kept just one for myself.  But in December, my friend visited from Istanbul and brought me a few more, so now I have three!   They’re one of my favorite things in my whole house.  I’m pretty sure I need a few more though…

Turkish towels are so useful — usually I have them draped over armchairs and I use them as lightweight throw blankets.  Or sometimes, like today, I wore one as a shawl/cape around the house all day because I was cold.  I’ve wrapped one around my neck as a scarf.  I’ve also used them as table cloths or as a picnic blanket.  And once I even used one as an actual towel — perfect for lying across a lounge chair by the pool.

While mine are actually from Turkey (obvi, ’cause that’s how I roll), you can get them lots of other places.  Here are a few:

turkish towel options

  1. Serena & Lily2. Lulu & Georgia3. ABC Home; 4. Linden and Lee; 5. Turkish T

Tell me, what’s the best souvenir you ever brought home from a trip?  (And what are you waiting for?  Go buy some Turkish towels!)

Also, I might be obsessed with this one home decor item, and how I packed for an 8-day fashion show trip to Turkey.


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