World Book Day


Today is World Book Day!  Although I had honestly never really heard of it before, this is a holiday I can get behind.

In celebration, the kids wore hats to school today representing a favorite book or a favorite character from a book.  They were really excited about it!  We worked on them all week. 

Then this morning, Gabe decided he didn’t like his, changed his mind, changed his book, and wore a hat we already owned.  (That was not frustrating AT ALL at 7:30 this morning.)  But he left for school happy, which is really my main goal in the morning, so it all worked out.

Quinn Ferdinand

Quinn went as Ferdinand the Bull and he was SO excited.  He kept poking his brothers in the belly with his cardboard horns until I reminded him that that was VERY un-Ferdinand-like. 

Owen went as Max from Where the Wild Things Are and Gabe was GOING to go as the Indian from the Indian in the Cupboard, but ended up going as Jack from the Magic Tree House series and wore a camo Army hat like in Danger in the Darkest Hour.  No pictures of those two, sadly.

What are you doing to celebrate World Book Day?  (I think I’m going to spend some time reading this afternoon to mark the occasion!)


Also, here are some of our very favorite children’s books, and this is a bittersweet book-related moment.


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