When I was little, my parents had a giant steamer trunk full of a dozen or more photo albums and hundreds of loose photos in boxes.  I loved looking through it; I could, and DID, spend hours going through those pictures.

We have a few albums around here, but not as many as I’d like.  My kids probably don’t even know what they really looked like as babies because they don’t see a lot of photos of themselves.  I feel like that’s bad.  I’ve said before I wanted to remedy the situation, but the project never really got off the ground.

A friend of mine recently recommended Chatbooks to me, which I’d never heard of but which I now LOVE.  Chatbooks is a service that creates albums for you from the photos you post on social media — Facebook or Instagram — and every time you hit 60 new photos, they automatically send you a new album.  It’s a 6″ x 6″ little treasure trove of good memories. 

I joined and had enough photos in my Instagram feed to already fill 15+ albums.  The first ten arrived already and not a day has gone by where I haven’t found one of the kids flipping through them.  More are on the way.  And I love that every so often I’ll just get one in the mail.  It’s like getting a present!

I still need to get my crap together and get some photos of my children as babies in albums for them to see, but at least Chatbooks guarantees that we’ll have albums with our current adventures.  I highly recommend it.

If you’re interested in signing up, you can get your first book free by using the code TTUZ6VKQI put the info up in the top right corner of the blog — feel free to share it! [Full disclosure: if you join using my code, I’ll get a dollar off my next album.]

What’s your favorite way to share, store, print photos? 

Also, my failed first attempt to get some albums made (this time I will not fail!), and great tips for a family photo shoot from a professional photographer!


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