Our Favorite Places to Shop for Kids

4 kids all dressed up

Sometimes I think I like shopping for my kids even more than I like shopping for myself.  Between the four of them, someone is always in need of something — they grow so fast!  And so I feel as thought I am constantly scrolling through children’s clothing sites (because ordering online is WAY easier than taking 4 kids shopping!).  My kids care about their clothes, which is both a blessing and a curse; I’m glad they take an interest, but because they do, I don’t get to pick everything out myself.  We’ve found a few places over the years where we’re almost always guaranteed to find something that we all like.

Here are a few of our favorite places to shop for kids clothes:

H&M: great for trendier items and basics like plain long and short-sleeve t-shirts that I feel like I am replacing every 3 months because they get worn so much.  Generally really good prices, but the quality isn’t always super-high.  


Tea Collection: this is one of my favorite, favorite brands.  The clothes are bright and fun and they last FOR. EV. ER.  We have Tea collections pants that made it through all three of my boys without wearing out, and THAT is saying something.  And I love their concept: the clothes are inspired by different locations across the globe and are “for little citizens of the world”.  They have GREAT sales, too.


Andy & Evan: This is absolutely my favorite brand of dress shirts for the boys.  They’ve got great colors, they are high-quality, and they make them even for the littlest guys in a onesie-style (called the shirtzie!).  We’ve also got a really cool waterproof lightweight coat from Andy & Evan that Owen wears ALL. THE. TIME.  We haven’t tried their girls clothes (Bridget has sized out of this brand), but the boys’ stuff is really great.


boden overalls

via Boden

Boden: Mini Boden is for ages 1.5-12y and Johnnie B is for ages 9-16 both for boys and girls, so there’s a huge range of styles available that suits the needs of the littlest kids all the way up to teenagers.  The clothes are really high quality, they have absolutely great dressy options for both boys and girls, and we also really like their shoes!


Old Navy: Probably half the clothing in my kids’ closets came from Old Navy; I sometimes feel like I buy in bulk when I shop there.  Prices are good and there is always, always a sale or deal going on.  This is Bridget’s favorite place for active wear: great stuff for sports practice, workout-type gear.  And we get lots of accessories here too – sunglasses and hats, etc.


Crewcuts: This is Bridget’s favorite store, hands down.  We usually head for the sale racks, but there are always great items to be found.  The boys love it too: we’ve gotten great dress items here and Gabe says the pants fit him better than any others.  

What are your favorite places to shop for your kids?

Also, how European and American styles differ — even my kids have noticed and dress a little differently now!




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One thought on “Our Favorite Places to Shop for Kids

  1. Jane

    When H was little I spent SO much $$ on his clothes; I stocked up on Janie and Jack because they were one of the only stores with baby boy clothes that were as cute as the girl stuff! I also got Splendid, Carter’s and Gap. He rebelled later, I found mini Boden which he liked and I also liked, and they have Great sales! Now I have gone cheaper with Old Navy for uniforms since there is no need to spend a lot on polos and khakis! I also just ordered from Children’s Place for summer gear, so we’ll see how that goes…


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