Mondays and Coffee

may your coffee be strong

I’ve read about “bulletproof coffee” before but never actually tried it because butter in coffee sounds not that good.  And I need my coffee to be good so I can function.

Then I saw a recipe for coconut oil coffee (and you know what a fan of coconut oil I am) and for some reason coconut oil in coffee sounded less weird.  Matt had actually read something about the health benefits of coconut oil just a few days before, and so he also wanted to try it. 

The verdict: it’s really GOOD!  I don’t think we’d do it every day, but it was definitely tasty. (The Pioneer Woman also agrees!)  I am not sure it gave me more energy than normal coffee, but I’d definitely do another test and pay more attention to that next time. 

Have you ever tried coffee with either butter or coconut oil?  Would you?

Also, my ode to coffee, and a lovely scone recipe to have with your morning coffee.


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One thought on “Mondays and Coffee

  1. Mish

    Did it taste like coconut coffee?

    Butter doesn’t sound terrible tasting, but sounds fattening for no reason? Is there supposed to be a health benefit of butter in coffee over Milk?


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