Sympathetic Vomiters

image via Scary Mommy

image via Scary Mommy

Have you seen the text exchange between a husband and wife when their young son barfed in the car with the dad?  It had me in tears, I was laughing so hard. 

Matt is a sympathetic vomiter, too.  He can deal with a lot of really gross stuff — and HAS, as a father to four kids — but barf is just not one of them.

Once, when B was about 7 or 8, she had a stomach bug.  Knowing she was going to barf, she got out of bed, made it to the bathroom, and just let loose all over the place: the walls, the shower curtain, the still-closed toilet, the floor, the bath mat, all covered in puke.  There was vomit pretty much everywhere but IN the toilet, the one place you’d hope for.  From downstairs we heard her wail and ran to help.  I beat Matt to the bathroom, but he was only about four steps behind me.  I took one look at the room and threw a hand up to stop him from coming any closer; I knew if he saw that carnage, he would lose it too.  So I gave Bridget to him and he supervised her getting showered while I mopped up the bathroom.  He stood in the hallway passing me cleaning supplies with his nose pinched closed and he still gagged.

Parenting is a balancing act with each of us bringing specific strengths and weaknesses to the table.  Some things I am good at and some things I suck at.  Same for Matt.  We all have our strong suits, and cleaning puke is not one of Matt’s.  But at least we never had to get the cops involved.

Also, more amazing parenting moments: boys are weird, and a love note from my middle son.


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