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As an over-analyzer, New Years is practically my favorite holiday; I love the practice of looking back and remembering what we’ve done and looking ahead to plan what we should do next, talking about changes we’d like to make or goals we’d like to achieve, weighing our success and failures and thinking about how to improve, and generally just examining life.  Certainly I could do all those things any day of the year, but a little symbolism as the year clicks over to new makes it seem a bit more meaningful.

This morning I wake up to a blank slate stretched out before me, a year of my life waiting to be written.  I’m excited by the possibilities.

2016 was a good year for our family.  Globally it felt like a bit of a sucker punch, but personally we kind of rocked it.  I’m hoping to ride that wave and have more of the same in 2017, but accompanied by fewer geopolitical disasters and the deaths of artists and inspirations.  I can’t control those things, though, so all I can do here is hope for a better year in the world at large and work to make it so for me and mine.

In 2016 we traveled a LOT — we went to Italy, France, and Germany, took a long trip home to America in the summer, and saw even more of the UK with excursions to Warwick and Cornwall and Wales.  In 2017, we’ve already got a ski trip planned in the French Alps, a trip to Ireland in the Spring, and we’re currently planning other trips to Amsterdam, Brussels, and Normandy.  And that’s just between now and June.

The kids’ school was a highlight of 2016 for us all; it’s still amazing to me how a positive school experience can affect every aspect of life for our whole family.  We are all invested in the school here in a way I never anticipated and look forward to another good year.

As for me, I’m not planning to make any massive resolutions.  I workout enough, we eat healthy, and I’m never going to become a morning person; I don’t need to make promises I won’t keep. Instead I’m focusing on goals I want to achieve.  I’m writing like a mad woman this year — my book won’t write itself — and reading more, more, more.  Reading, writing, and traveling were my resolutions last year, too, and I did them all and I loved it.  I see no reason to change a good thing, so those are my goals for this year too.  In even greater quantities.

May the New Year bring you what you need, whatever that is, and may we all wring out every last bit of fun and happiness from it that we can.

Happy 2017!

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